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They were there when you took your first steps, learned to ride a bike, got your first job, earned your driver’s license and when you were sick. We have always said growing old is inevitable and growing up is an option. Now that your loved ones are approaching old age you want to return the same love and kindness bestowed upon you during your youth. Look no further friends, you have come to the best in home senior care service in Nassau County, New York.

Gentle Hands Home Care is the leading innovator in all senior care services. We treat your loved ones as if they are our own by always going the extra mile. Whether assistance is needed in your loved ones home, senior community, or somewhere else we have a service specially designed for your situation. The skilled care givers of Gentle Hands Home Care pay attention to five basic ideas when assisting your loved one. In short we believe in providing companionship, physical assistance with all tasks big to small, keeping up with daily hygiene, promoting basic health awareness, and of course providing the most valuable degree of nursing possible.

Proving Warm-Hearted Companionship When There Isn’t Any

Perhaps the hardest part of growing old is reduced socializing and lack of companionship. Everyone needs friends whether it’s someone to watch the news with or someone to share memories. That is why we place such a great deal of emphasis on first and foremost providing genuine friendship to your loved one. Although your loved one has stayed within the comfort of their own home it doesn’t always mean they are capable of taking care of each and every aspect of their lives, on top of maintaining their home. We make it clear from the beginning that our caregivers are prepared to provide meals that are as delicious as they are healthy while keeping a house keeping schedule so everyone is comfortable. This means organizing your loved ones living environment for maximum comfort, and even taking care of his/her laundry. With Gentle Hands Home Care we look at your friend or family member as human being, one with the experience and wisdom to guide us just as we guide them. This is why our caregivers are trained to give maximum stimulation within conversation. We know life can get repetitive as a senior and we look forward to the times we will share together.

We Help Your Loved Ones With Just About Any Activity

It’s no surprise that the results of aging will prevent everyone from completing some activity or another with ease. We are sensitive to those concerns and will always be there to assist in which ever ways deemed necessary. Sometimes the most important part of the day is the moment you wake up, within those first few minutes you begin to set the tone for your day. Initially we will consult your loved one for which clothes they enjoy wearing. Afterwards, we will help your loved one to get dressed properly in a way that is the least physically taxing. For more severe cases of physical assistance we are just as prepared to lend our hands. This means moving your loved one in or out of wheelchairs, into different chairs or rooms and even helping them into pajama’s before helping them back into bed after a long productive day.

Hygiene, Health & Keeping a Good Schedule

One of the biggest concerns we here from our client’s is that of adequate hygiene. We know that as we get older we tend to become unaware of our needs, forgetful of our own basic schedules, and even seem to lose touch with basic habits. Whether your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or is simply forgetful you can count on the thoughtful caregivers of Gentle Hands Home Care to give your loved one the assistance they need to live a hygienic life. We know that it can become physically stressful to maintain basic bathing habits in old age. Our caregivers are ready to help you in which ever ways necessary. It could be choosing the right soap, shampoo, conditioner or even water temperature. It could be helping your loved one into the shower after a long day. Either way we know the value of bathing on a regular basis and would love to help your friend or family member. Another concern we here from seniors often is that they require assistance with proper grooming and shaving with electric or manual razors. This is something our caregivers are very gentle about. We will place the utmost care into keeping your loved one groomed properly and safely. In addition to this we also remember to inspire good oral hygiene. This means a combination of flossing, brushing, and rinsing with the best toothbrushes, flossing kits, and toothpaste brands for your loved one.

Our CareGivers Will Give Your Loved One(s) a Healthy Lifestyle

When most people search for in home senior care services they are looking for a program that will help their loved one to feel as independent as possible. This is where Gentle Hands Home Care of Nassau County, New York really shines through. We believe that promoting a healthy lifestyle is a huge part of taking care into our own hands. This means planning diverse meals with various nutritional benefits through the weeks so not only do we not bore your loved one but we help them to excel. Secondly, we know everyone’s body is a little bit different and exercise however much or how little can make a large impact on your loved ones well-being. This means we will create subtle exercise programs depending on the current health of your loved one. Third, we pay close attention to any health issues surrounding your loved one and in doing so will not only remind them of any medications that need to be taken but we will also supervise the taking of said medications. Fourth, this is one of the biggest catalysts for people who desire in home care. Occasionally, an unsupervised senior may have an accident big or small within their own home. Our caregivers are trained to prevent these accidents at all costs providing you with limitless security when you can’t be with your loved one.

Our Intention Is to Gain Your Trust

Every patient is going to be a little bit different. Some will be in better physical shape than others and some will suffer from certain conditions others will not. Our nursing staff is more than capable of serving your loved one based off of those standards. For diabetics we are capable of administering insulin shots at the times most convenient to your loved one. One of the hardest things for seniors to accept is assistance with colostomy or ostomy care. We are highly sensitive to these concerns and will do our very best to make your loved one comfortable. In addition to this we can help with the proper medications needed for each condition and the process of administering said medications at routine times of day. Our nurses are virtually limitless in the level of support they can and will provide to your loved one.

It is through these five unique aspects of care that we hope to gain your trust in serving your loved one. We know that each and every member of the community regardless of age is in need of support at some point. Sometimes you cannot be there for the level of support your friend or family member needs to remain healthy. When that point happens get in touch with the caregivers at Gentle Hands Home Care in Nassau County, New York. You will not be disappointed.